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Who is A.A. Cristi?

A.A. Cristi was born and raised in the world capital of Christmas trees and musicals - New York City. By no small miracle she has managed to make a living writing about both topics. When she is not dreaming up fantastic adventures for inanimate objects, she is covering the Broadway industry as a Managing Editor and Features Writer for BroadwayWorld.


Though writing is her calling, her true passion is playing mother to a neurotic wiener dog called Jack and Aunt Rah Rah to two truly remarkable kids.

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The award-winning
debut children's book
from A.A. Cristi!

Available now wherever books are sold!

Bruce the Spruce has Christmas all wrong.

Thanks to his fancy decorations and adoring admirers, this artificial spruce tree doesn’t just wear a star at Christmas, he IS the star. But when his longtime family gets a new tree, it sends Bruce on a holiday adventure through New York City.

From a party in Brooklyn, to a run-in with rats, to a revelatory visit with his hero- the world famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Bruce the Spruce takes an unforgettable journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas trees!

2021 Mom's Choice Awards
2021 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

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Waking the City That Never Sleeps


"Thumbs up for Bruce the Spruce!"

"This is a charming book with lovely illustrations. The rhyming verse is so cheerful...I think children will love this book and it would make a great bedtime story."

"A heartfelt family-friendly story that shared much deeper messages in a way that genuinely tugged readers' heartstrings."

"A.A. Cristi’s message is important and lovingly presented. This book will make a wonderful holiday present."

"There's so much magic surrounding Christmas and I think the author captured this perfectly. Great book with stunning illustrations!"

"I would love to see this book made into an animated Christmas special to watch over and over again every year.  Bruce the Spruce- A New York City Fairytale About the True Meaning of Christmas Trees is getting a very well deserved five plus stars."

"A delightful, little holiday story!"

"This is a super adorable book. The illustrations are absolutely delightful and really bring the story to life. It's whimsical and magical, and there's a good message/lesson tucked within the pages for young readers. I believe this is a holiday story everyone can enjoy together."

"Bruce the Spruce will bring a smile and maybe even a tear to readers across all ages...This is one gift that everyone would appreciate finding under the tree."

"Bruce the Spruce: A New York City Fairytale About the True Meaning of Christmas Trees by A. A. Cristi is a book your children will love to read during the Christmas holidays."

"It is full of action as well as a story that is special. This is a thought-provoking story perfect for the holiday season."

"Bruce the Spruce is the perfect holiday book for families to read together, and it's also a wonderful teaching tool that would be a great addition to school libraries."

"I know this book will become a staple in many homes during the holiday season. It’s a perfect story to read, before or after you’ve decorated your tree." 

"Such a lovely and beautifully written book by Cristi with such a great lesson...A great book to pick up for the young readers in your life!"

"This is a wonderful, sweet Christmas story about the true meaning of Christmas Trees. The story is great and will bring tears to the eyes. The illustrations are perfect for the story. I love the trees eyes and his smile. I think this story could become a story to be read every Christmas."

"This will both pull kids in with how captivating the images are but also catch the attention of the adults who might be reminded of a beloved story from their own childhoods."

"This is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book. It’s a rhyming book which is perfect for early readers. My boys and I enjoyed it. My son wants to take it to school to share with his friends."

"For years to come, this is a fantastic book to read with your family throughout the holiday season. The children will love the bright illustrations as well as the heartwarming message!"

"Bruce the Spruce is a cute story with vibrant illustrations that teaches children that there’s more to Christmas trees than the glitz and admiration."

"This picture book is ideal for children aged 4-8 years old and had the most gorgeous illustrations and the perfect read for the upcoming month as we are coming into the Christmas season."

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